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Keeping up quality and delivering inside the time allotment is our priority! If you are wishing to move to the USA yet not finding a simple technique to survive, then visit us.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We’ll tailor to your needs to ensure that you get what you paid for.


We have solution to every problem related to your documents whether you have lost your driving license or somebody has stolen your ID card. You can get any type of document from the comfort of your home. This online platform makes you available everything related to your documents with great ease and convenience. Now, you don’t need to stand in a queue to receive or renew your documents. It will save your time and efforts both.

Our team members have been specially selected from around the world for their skills in exact document replication and creation.

If you’re looking to purchase high quality fake passports easily online, you’ve come to the right place. Our business has been around for many years and have mastered the art of creating document that can be used for work, travel or as a replacement.

Our Vision

We have customers that have lost a document and need a replacement faster than it would take their country’s government office to issue. We have customers that do not have the freedom to travel to various other countries, simply because of where they were born. With our assistance, these people can live the lives that they are entitled to.

We are able to replicate all the latest security measures and have all necessary materials available to produce a document in approximately a week. 

Our Mission

U.S. passports use over 60 different materials in the creation of a single passport. They also have 32 varied security features – most of them invisible – that border patrol agents are trained to look for. Of course, a fake passport wouldn’t need to have every security feature replicated perfectly, but if a certain agent is looking for a specific security feature on that day and cannot find it – you’re out of luck.

Freeing people from a repressive society to live and earn wherever they choose. We want to help those that have  been let down by their government and allow them to start afresh.

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